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Afr42 11 months ago
Yes . Stick it back in afterwards as well. Give her more cum to get pregnant. Love it
11 months ago
Imagine putting a condom on wrong... That's not why it broke but still dumb af
9 months ago
Wish that was me taking that load. He has a nice cock too.
Justhereforcum 6 months ago
I’m genuinely appalled by this comment section. Truly, y’all need therapy. Anyways. Happy fapping.
Seeder 11 months ago
They always break for me.. Many a club girl has felt my warmth. Condoms are a sin ,It’s not up to you to play God. Allow the warmth ladies he won’t give you something he thinks you can’t handle.
trans pussy 7 months ago
wish someone would cream in my pussy like this I'd beg for it even if I say I want the condom
Whadya 1 year ago
name it?
EasySlut 2 months ago
God I love when I get a surprise creampie. And love it even more when a man shoves his cum deep in me without asking
Carmen 2 months ago
I actually got pregnant by a black man this way. After the condom broke I got out of bed and squatted to get the cum out of me. It was a lot. He was still rock hard. I was like dude I can't get pregnant I'm married! I divorced my husband and married the black guy. Poor hubby was in tears when I told him that the baby wasn't his.
7 months ago
Why is old mate pushing rope so bad.